Gon (ft. Conor) (Prod. SHANGO)

by shango

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produced by SHANGO
recorded at The Loft


If not u then who?

na nuh na nuh na nuhnn

lately i been seeing things (like what)
like them demons in the mirror laughing at me
think it means i need a change
off the road w force to free a lane
break em off a piece n feed the flame
void inside the space
scratches on my face
pitted deep enough the sea could drain
paying half ya life to see the name
see the thing is
i been busy dizzy drifting in my aim
swisher got me feeling fizzy lifted I could die in vain but still i remain
higher like the scores within the game
broken like the glitch within the game
hoping i get fixed within the game yea
hoping i get fixed within the game
jus dont end the game
jus dont end the gaaame

he's gone forever
he was gone for-
he's gone forever
he was gone for-

Questioning your niggas passion
start to judge em off they actions
so u sift em to the least
then u get a piece
otherwise u left w rations seems
seems like ive been counting all my days
memories get crowded by haze
tryna flip the dream into a wage
war on a nigga like im VADEr
lies like u bet i'll hit u laterr er
then u switch the number on they ass
Fuck em Brian Pumper on they ass
yea Neutral buss the Thumper on they ass
whip the whip on Tumblr w the dash
flip the chips they fumble w the cash
hear em plead n mumble then i laugh yung
Grandpa & Uncle w the sash
and Pizza Steve
speak my peace n leave
only matters if it's easy to receive
manifest the great then peace n watch em grieve
centered in my focus floating to achievements
faded in the sequence jus
level up that defence ex-
posure i can't b spent
jus pick it up from where i leave it it's
simple boi bet u can do it w practice bet u could do anything
woulda thot time was money the way yo ass b spending things but
z b doing everything n
she b doing everything so
we b doing everything
jus b everything
yea b everythiinnng

he's gone forever
he was gone for-
he's gone forever
he was gone for-

Feeling like water pond
wait on top of em
as i go
drown so slow
lost in the phenomenon
that life is gone in its throughs
drowned for eternity
they never heard of me
or where i go
universe curses me
with this uncertainty
of what i chose
cannot b strong
in my weakness
am i a genius?
or dumb as they come
lost in a numb spark i call a thesis
facetious core
at the center of a tide pool
this is my rule
no Hyrule
no damsel
jus your self, fool
island formed from lava at your core
no internal war
life is whats in store
make your own lore
green from my pores
open up them doors
stray from labrador
not a matador
resonate what matters fore
let it ripple to the shore
hope it catch a spore
grow light from what's ignored
b a living core
just love more

he's gone forever
he was gone for-
he's gone forever
he was gone for-


released June 6, 2017



all rights reserved